Mission Statement

Hey there! We here at TeePee Studios are on a mission to produce quality visual effects in film and television production for not just Australia, but the world.

Our Services

The services we offer, and what we do at TeePee Studios

Creating content that is admired by clients and users

We use green screen and VFX effects to create superb cinematography

Assisting people with there enquiries, concerns or issues

We create graphics that are able to illustrate a idea, a concept or a story to our clients/viewers

We create films, commercials ads, videos for the world to see

Recreating peoples imagination in film: from Story boarding to final compositing

Our Blog

Keep up to date with what we get up to in the studio.

ClientTeePee Studios
October 31, 2017

TeePee powers through PAX Australia 2017

We attended our second major convention as TeePee Studios! Over the weekend, we participated in the Penny Arcade Expo Australia 2017. We represented and promoted our various game clients, which...
ProductionTeePee Studios
October 20, 2017

Showing off a nearly completed shot of Nico’s Chapter for Project S.E.E.D. Prelude

For the first time ever, we're showing off a nearly completed shot from Project S.E.E.D. Prelude, featuring Captain Nico Angelis, played by Julian Pillirone. While the shot is far in...
ProductionTeePee Studios
October 4, 2017

World Animal Day means a new poster for Dragon Magic!

She might not be a conventional animal, but all creatures on shepherd's farm are equal. So to celebrate World Animal Day, we're releasing another, brand new poster for Dragon Magic...